Semi Permanent Tattoos

These aren't your normal temporary tattoos which come off after a few days. These amazing designs use a natural juice ink derived from plants, to create a more durable tattoo that usually lasts around 7 to 15 days!

They're very easy to apply too, heres how:

1. Cut out tattoo of your choice and remove the clear plastic sheet.

2. Place the tattoo dark side facing up onto CLEAN SKIN. (Important step, if you skin is dirty or oily the tattoos will not stick.)

3. Wet the tattoo thoroughly with a sponge, cloth or spray. (The wetter the better)

4. Hold the tattoo in place for around 10-20 seconds and then gently remove the backing paper to reveal your new tattoo.

5. You'll see a fine ouline of the tattoo, this is normal as it will take another 2-4 hours to develop. Keep this area dry during this time.

6. The tattoo will show fully after 24-48 hours and in normal circumstances will last for about 15 days.