Nail Art water decals 

Similar to our ever popular temporary tattoos,

here's our nail art to give amazing & sassy results!

Get your nails ready by painting them in the colour of your choice, wait for them to dry, then:


1. Peel off the clear protective sheet of the front of your designs.
2. Carefully cut out the designs you want.
3. Soak your chosen design in water for about 20 seconds.
4. Use some tweezers to pick it up, then remove the backing paper and slide the decal onto your nail.
5. Relocate the decal to the right position.
6. Soak up any extra water with a kitchen towel or tissue.
7. Once in place and you're happy with it, seal it with top coat of Clear Nail Varnish.
8. Put another top coat of Clear Nail Varnish on to make it extra long lasting. (optional)

How to apply Nail Art