The NEW Semi Permanent Tattoos Have Arrived!

The NEW Semi Permanent Tattoos Have Arrived!

Obviously it goes without saying that we LOVE temporary tattoos! - I mean we really do!

 So how could I get even more excited about them? Well, I'll tell you...

Our newest arrival at QofE Headquarters is the 14 day tattoo (aptly named because they last for up to 14 days!)  Now this is exciting because as many of you know the standard temporary tattoo will last anywhere from 1-5 days depending on where you've put the tattoo on your body and  how often you've showered/scrubbed at it - things like that.

These little baby's are way different, even from the offset.

Imagine my surprise when I 1st applied it in the normal way and there was nothing there.... 


have I done it right?, is this a faulty tattoo? 

Nope, it takes 2-4 hours to start to develop. 

Wow, ok, lets see what happens. I put the tattoo on at night so in the morning it had adequate time to develop, so there it was - a piece of magnificence! 

These tattoo's are different from the very beginning, they even feel different too - like a REAL tattoo should, it feels part of your skin, comfortable and durable. They honestly are amazing. I'm only one day one of these new tattoos but I've got mine on my wrist, I've had a hot shower, washed my hands several time and it's still going strong...

Best thing of all? then ink used is natural, derived from gardenia, has a history of more than 1600 years in China, and is a safe, edible natural pigment.

These tattoo's are going to be fun!