How to make your temp tattoo last longer

How to make your temp tattoo last longer

How to Make your Temporary Tattoo Last Longer

Obviously this is a question we get asked a lot, “how can I make the tattoo last longer?”

Well, the good news is I’m going to tell you all the handy hints I’ve learned over the years…

1. Clean the area where you intend to put the tattoo

Dry skin strengthens the life of the tattoo. Makeup, lotions and even natural skin oils can shorten the life of the tattoo as they act as a barrier between the tattoo and the skin. Oils on the skin will start dissolving the tattoo, therefore, getting the tattoo on dry skin is the best way to get the longest out of your tattoo.

2. Exfoliate prior to getting the tattoo

As we mentioned, skin oils and dirt reduce the life of the tattoo, but so does the top layer of the skin as it is composed of dead cells. So it’s best to scrub this off. Exfoliate in your preferred way and this will not only leave your skin smooth but allow your tattoo last longer.

3. Shave your skin before placing the tattoo

If you have a lot of hair in the area where you want to get the tattoo, shaving it off beforehand is a very good idea. If you lay your tattoo over hairs eventually they are going to come through the design and cause it to ‘crack up.’ Place your chosen design on freshly shaven skin to get the most out of it.

4. Carefully choose your tattoo spot

The area where you place your tattoo has a lot to do with how long it’s going to last. Our hands and feet are in constant motion, which can make the tattoo fade away quickly. It comes as no surprise that your hands come in regular contact with water, soaps and other things that can cause your tattoo to flake. Therefore, areas that become sweaty quickly should be avoided.

Post-tattoo hints & tips:

Let it dry: After applying the tattoo, it should be left untouched until it’s completely dry and any contact with clothing should be avoided.

Use baby powder/talc: By applying baby powder or talc to your new temporary tattoo, excess oils from the skin are absorbed, which will help lengthen the life of it. You can use a soft brush such as makeup brush to apply a thin layer of powder over the tattoo. This step can be repeated once daily until the tattoo is gone.

Hairspray: Here’s an interesting one, an application of hairspray lightly sprayed over the tattoo can make it last for a good few weeks. The hairspray should be applied from a distance of 12-16 inches from the tattoo. Baby powder should also be applied before the application of hairspray to dry out any excess oils. Clean the powder off before application.

Things that you should really avoid:

  • Do not rub the tattoo, especially right after it’s been applied.
  • Do not rub the tattoo after taking a bath. Hot water can reduce it’s lifespan
  • Avoid oils, lotions such as sun cream, rubbing alcohol on or around the tattoo.
  • Avoid having tattoos in sweat spots such as the underarms and the back of the knees. These parts generate more heat/rubbing than the rest of the body.
  • Avoid wearing tight fitting clothing near the tattoo as this will rub it off.

There you go, the best tips I can give you on our temporary tattoos.

Now you know how to make them last as long as possible it’s time to find the perfect design.