How long will my temporary tattoo last?

How long will my temporary tattoo last?

"How long will my tattoo last?"

THE number one question... How long will my tattoo last?

Let's try and clear this one up shall we? The biggest factor into the life of your tattoo is where on your body you're going to put it:

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As you can see from the diagram where it goes on your body makes a significant difference. Why? well, it's do with these main points:

  • Applying the tattoos to dirty skin (if there's a layer of dirt and oils on your sking the tattoo will not hold)
  • Clothing rubbing against the tattoo (Yes, your favorite tshirt could be working against your new tat!)
  • Sweating (the natural oils released from your skin will over time wear away at the tattoo)
  • Cosmetic lotions and oils (same as above)
  • Showers/Baths (Hot water and soap is of course going to make the tattoo come off sooner)
  • Washing your hands (same as above)
  • Hairs (for example, if you're a guy and you put this on your arm - hairs are going to poke through and break through the tattoo adhesive. If possible shave the area 1st to prevent this from happening)

Place your tattoo in a good spot and you'll get up to 7 days out of it. If you do want it on your forearm for instance and do want it to last - see our other blog (which involves talc and hairspray of all things!)

Or, if you're having a night out with the tattoo and dont really care! then just live free and enjoy it!... :)