5 Party Ideas Using Temporary Tattoos for Kids.

5 Party Ideas Using Temporary Tattoos for Kids.

Every parent wants their pride and joy’s birthday party to be special and unique, which is why so much planning goes into the special celebration. From sending invitations, choosing activities, picking a theme, and selecting the right cake, every single detail matters. So, if you want an original and low-cost way to ‘fun things up’ Temporary tattoos are the way to go!

Here’s five simple ideas for keeping kids entertained during a party or get together using our temporary tattoos.

1. Compliment Your Party Theme

There are temporary tattoos for kids available to match any party idea, whether it’s sports, animals, super heros, or even TV Shows. Try to select tattoo designs that fit in with the balloons, tablecloths, and other decors you’re using.

2. Let Kids use their imagination

Mix & match the types of tattoos for kids you have available at the party to allow kids to express themselves. Choose designs that involve common hobbies and interests or try a few sheets of alphabet letters to spell names or initials.

At the party, show all the tattoo choices in a large bowl or similar to make it easy for kids to search for a design they like.

3. Decorate Party Tableware With Temporary Tattoos

Now, did you know this?... If you’re using disposable party tableware for kid’s cups, plates etc, then you can even let kids decorate their own as part of the fun. Additionally, if you let the kids choose their own design on the day, there will be no mixing up of the glasses! 

You can apply these both on plastic and cardboard. We like to use cardboard tableware to avoid plastic waste which is better for the environment!

How To Apply Temporary Tattoos To the Tableware:

  • Make sure your tableware is clean and dry.
  • Carefully remove the protective sheet from the tattoo and apply to your plate or glass.
  • Hold a wet cloth to the back of the tattoo and press firmly, making sure to completely wet it.
  • Wait  for around 30 seconds, then peel off the paper backing.  Blot gently with a dry cloth and allow to air dry naturally.

4. Set Up a Temporary Tattoo Station

Here’s a great idea for kids birthdays - set up a temporary tattoo station or booth. Tattoo application is a fun, quick and certainly less messy alternative to face painting. Remember to include a bowl of water and a few paper towels to apply/dry.

If someone changes their mind or applies the tattoo wrong, you may want to have some rubbing alcohol, baby oil, or hand sanitiser close to hand for easy removal.

5. Send Guests Home with Temporary Tattoo’s in their party bags.

Along with sweets & toys, temporary tattoos are a wonderfulthing to add to a birthday party bags. The tattoos are cost-effective, lightweight, and kids just love them!

Have you thought about temporary tattoos into your child’s party?

 If you haven’t found the perfect fit for your theme, let us know – we’re more than happy to discuss a large order discount to make this as cost effective for your party.

Feel free to get in touch!